Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Model Revealed

Harry Potter has been something of a cultish series of novels that were converted into movies. The movies feature impressive graphics, settings and out-of-the world locales.

Some of the buildings, including the Hogwarts Castle that houses the witchcraft school are actual models which are a little oversized. For the first time ever, the incredibly detailed model of Hogwarts Castle has been revealed to the public. The castle has been featured in every Harry Potter movie and it has been used to shoot the castle’s exterior scenes. If one were to count all the man-hours, the Hogwarts Castle model took an incredible 74 years to build.

Of course, 84 artists and crew members worked for a really long time to add up to those many man hours. It measures 50 feet across and comes with more than 2,500 fiber optic lights that double up as lanterns. The castle is based on Durham Cathedral and Alnwick Castle and has remained fresh in every Hotter Potter fan. It is no wonder then that many people have wished to visit the castle in real life. While the castle may not exist in real size, one could at least visit the real model at the Leavesden Studios, near Watford.

Bafta award-winning production designer Stuart Craig designed and created the wonderful model and he claims that it is all inspired by the Durham Cathedral. The castle will be part of the planned Warner Bros Harry Potter studio which would open to the public in London from the 31st of March. It is funny how a model can seem so real in the movies and that is perhaps why people say that movies aren’t real.

When it comes to Harry Potter, of course it is all registered in fantasy and imagination. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you would certainly love to take a look at the model. You could also go ahead and take a look at the huggable Harry Potter Pillows, if you like him that much. If you are the gamer kinda person, do take a look at the 8-bit Harry Potter Game which we had featured sometime ago.