PlayStation Vita Arcade Joystick Mod

Perfect arcade controls finally come to the PlayStation Vita, via this really creative, albeit excessive, mod by a Japanese gamer.

PlayStation Vita Fight Stick Image

If I could add one more thing to our 10 Things You Need to Know About PlayStation Vita’s Launch – check the feature out if you haven’t by the way, it’s highly informative – this ingenious mod from an anonymous Japanese gamer would definitely be my number eleven. It’s using an arcade joystick to play Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on a PlayStation Vita.

Demonstrated in the video you are about to see below, the set-up between arcade stick (a custom-built one I believe) and PlayStation Vita works flawlessly, especially for a game like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 that looks so dreamy on Sony’s latest portable – in fact, I hear the game is a respectable port. Savvy as a mod as it may be though, I’ve got to admit this kind of arrangement is a tad silly.

Okay, it’s totally silly, Billy. The fight stick is Godzilla-humongous compared to the size of the PlayStation Vita – rendering the portability of the system useless if you plan on carrying both around, really – and with that beautiful OLED screen being that far away, honestly, you might as well be playing blindfolded. Hmm, maybe it could be like a super secret ultra hard difficulty mode or something?


I guess if the lack of arcade-perfect controls was your only reason for holding out on jumping on the PlayStation Vita bandwagon, there’s no excuse now to not take plunge. That’s if you can figure this particular mod out yourself – no directions have been left by our enterprising hacker on how exactly to do this… I’m guessing through Bluetooth, which the Vita supports, though not with much at the moment.

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