Help Support Dome: A Robot Movie Made by the Community

A new movie in the making called Dome will be produced entirely by donation and suggestion and it needs your support.

Now here’s a novel idea: a team of film makers and digital artists are trying to raise enough funds, awareness and online community involvement to help fund, brainstorm and create a movie about robots.

According to our source, Geeks Are Sexy, the video was put together by a new company called Mighty Treehouse that has come up with a rather novel concept to produce an eventual 90 minute movie series.

Basically their plan is to get as much community support and involvement in the movie as possible. They plan on releasing their vision in 9 separate 10 minute segments. However, before releasing any segment they will be sending storyboards, models and as many details as possible to whoever supports their project and will be asking for feedback and suggestions on where to take the story and the characters.

So pretty much every section of the movie will be designed communally by anyone interested. That’s pretty awesome since it means it it doesn’t turn out all that great in the end, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself!

Check out the video below and tell me that you don’t want to support these guys; they honestly look like some very lovable geeks. Heck, they even have an old Operation Wolf arcade machine in the background!

I’m excited to see where this project goes and especially if it succeeds since it could pave the way for more features to be produced just like this! They seem like pretty genuine guys, and they even got the dude who invented the Atari to back them up on this project. What’s not to like about that?

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