Domino’s to Start Delivering Pizza via Drones?

Currently, you can go in-store, pick up a phone or use their website/app to order, but could Domino’s be about to offer drone-based deliveries of pizza too?

Domicopter image

Lately we’ve heard some high profile things about unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones. We’ve seen them being used for aerial assaults in the military, they’ve been used as data storage centres for torrent sites and in some cases they’ve been used to save lives. But Domino’s, the famous pizza franchise, have tested out a new use for drones : pizza delivery.

As part of a publicity stunt that took place in the UK, the expert makers of that good, Italian, doughy stuff tested out just what it’d be like if their company scrapped delivery boys and girls for delivery drones instead.

How it worked, in their overly dramatic example, is that the pizzas, cooked fresh, hot and ready to go, were placed in an insulated bag (much like the ones they use to deliver the food to your door via wheels) and attached to the drone. Then, a Domino’s Pizza employee sat with the controller and did their job of navigating the food via the ‘”DomiCopter” (what they’re calling the octocopter that was used), to a dummy customers door.

Could DomiCopter deliveries become a functional reality? The cargo, which an ad agency executive told NBC was ‘two pepperoni pizzas’, hit the DomiCopter’s weight limit, meaning that any more food and the drone just wouldn’t fly. There’s also the problem that if the piping hot (and extremely precious) cargo isn’t secured well enough, unsuspecting pedestrians could end up with a pizza pie to the head, which is hardly a selling point for the service. So while it seems unlikely, it does work, meaning that we can always dream.

Below is the video of the DomiCopter in action as it flies over puddles, through clouds and lands safely at its delivery location.

Source : Newlaunches

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