Tetris Algorithm Paints Up Pixel Portraits

Watch as blocks fall into place and build images of familiar gaming faces due to a custom made software.

Tetris printer by Michael Birken

The mastery of Tetris goes well beyond getting the highest score these days. As Michael Birken illustrates like the second coming of Albert Einstein, there’s an hidden art form to the monumental block-stacking game that’s exploitable once you know the right equation.

Michael has recently devised a brilliant algorithm that uses Tetris’ own mechanics of rotating and lining up individual blocks, thus eliminating rows of them to create awesome in-game pictures of Mario, Samus, and other 8-bit gaming favorites.

Albeit in a modified version of Tetris that has a larger game field, but for a darn good reason as it allows Michael’s algorithm to fully fit its pre-programed image. Oh, and don’t think its not possible to do this in a regular version of Tetris either (go hit up YouTube if you don’t believe me).

Being as ridiculously bad at math as I am, I won’t dare to sum up Michael’s Tetris printing process here. Although, you’re more than welcomed to check out his formula via his website and program a similar working software on your own terms.

If you’d rather bypass all that jibber-jabber though (yes please!), just hit play on this video below to see Michael’s Tetris algorithm in time-lapsed action.

VIDEO TO ADD [http://www.youtube.com/embed/PJkHwulsac4]

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