Taxidermy Made Cute: Dr. Seuss Style Art

Dr. Seuss is the quintessential writer in most children’s lives. Now you can own a piece of your childhood mounted on your wall.

I won’t lie; I kind of think that disembodied heads mounted on walls is kind of cool. And also really creepy. I think it’s the eyes, or the fact that it’s a head mounted on a wall. So I was pleased to come across the work of Carl Turner, an incredible sculptor who combines taxidermy and art with fantasy. He not only re-imagines Dr. Seuss characters, but adds his own characters that would fit in the Seussian world perfectly.

The process of creating one of these beautiful pieces is incredibly intensive. Turner meticulously sculpts each piece of art by hand from blocks of clay. After he completes the sculpting, Turner fires them in his kiln until they are the perfect temperature, paints them by hand and then mounts them.

While I would love to see a miniature sculpture of the Green Eggs and Ham characters, these are pretty darn adorable. Except for the whole sculpted phase, I won’t lie, those eyes are pretty darn freaky. But the end result is mighty cute.

Turner features his Seuss taxidermy and his other works of art on his deviantART page. As someone who has been working and studying sculpture, ceramics, gilding, wood and stoneworking, Turner’s works have been featured in the RBSA Gallery Birmingham, Stone Court Gallery Ludlow, Smithsonia Birmingham, Pitt Gallery Worcester and The Montpellier Gallery Stratford.

While he is not actively working to sell his pieces, some pieces can be found in homes across Europe, the UK and the United States. If you are interested in adding a bit of Seuss to your home, you can find Turner’s work on ebay or etsy.