Dr. Seuss-Like Mashups of Batman and Ghostbusters

DrFaustus isn’t the inspiration to Faust or that guy from the Captain America comic books. Nope. He’s an artist who publishes his work on DeviantArt and tends to do mash-ups for popular figures from the comic books world or some pop culture figure with Dr. Seuss like art work.

Being a huge Batman fan, I love the fact that he decided to do quite a few drawings of Batman Villains and of the Dark Knight himself, in a rather less darker kind of tone. Harvey Dent looks almost likable, drawn like that.

Although that is the un-sexiest way I’ve ever seen Catwoman being portrayed, there’s no doubt that the chilled out, almost happy versions of Gotham’s finest and worst work. Everything works when you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Batman and his gallery of villains aren’t the only character to get the Faustus treatment, who tends to do a lot of Cthulhu stuff. I find his Ghostbuster stuff a bit more fun to look at.

DrFaustus isn’t the only one mashing up stuff with Dr. Seuss. Star Wars characters have been probably thrown together with everything imaginable by now, and the Dr. Seuss treatment didn’t skip over them.

For other fantastic Mash-ups, be it Angry Birds with Marvel characters or Dr. Who with about anything, start your fantastic voyage here.