Suspended Giant Dragon Made Out Of Buttons

Out of all the mythical creatures, none is as fear-inducing as dragons, the scorn of the land. One made of buttons might not be so threatening, but it sure looks cool.

This monster (literally) is the creation of the artist Robin Protz. It’s a suspended sculpture of  a badass dragon created with over 40,000 golden buttons that hang from 4,000 fluorocarbon lines. It measures 18’x12’x8′ piece, and it was one of the big favorites for the ArtPrize, an art competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The piece was eventually disqualified for “having been created years before the competition”, to which the artist answered that, even though this might look like one of her previous jobs, it’s a completely original piece. Well, too bad, it’s their loss.



Source: My Modern Met

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