Dreamcast Cake Celebrates The Sega Console’s 13th Birthday

What better way to remember the Sega Dreamcast, but with a cake that looks just like it!

Dreamcast cake by Rebecca Sugar

It might be a belated birthday recount, but that doesn’t mean I can’t raise a glass to a fallen videogame console that to this day, is still remembered quite fondly by its fans. Fondly enough, in fact, to have a yummy-looking cake made in its exact image.

Over the weekend – September 9, that is – the Sega Dreamcast celebrated its 13th “zombie birthday” (a term I coined because, well, the console has been ding dong dead since 2002), and in its honor the cake above was baked for the occasion with scrumptious cupcakes to match; the controller is real though, so don’t eat that.

Big thanks goes to Rebecca Sugar, a writer/artist/composer for the awesome Adventure Time cartoon show (did I mention how awesome the show is?), for snapping this picture for us. Oh, and if she could please save me a slice, that would be an even bigger thanks! …Huh? Oh, I’m being told no. Alrighty, then.

Sega Dreamcast console controller image

Introduced in 1999, the Dreamcast was the House of Sonic’s last ditch effort at the gaming hardware market worldwide. And while the end result lead Sega to become a third-party software developer, the company did manage to bring out some fine choice games during its short lifespan, and there were a plenty.

Jet Set Radio, for example, which whoa baby, is arriving this week as a downloadable HD-converted port (first to PlayStation Plus subscribers, then regular PS3 users, and finally Xbox Live. There’s also a Vita port coming in October.) Be sure to check that out, and afterwards, come on back to Walyou to check out amazing little people street artwork and Star Trek: Catan.