DualShock 3 Coffee Table Is For The Gamers & For The Living Room

With PlayStation celebrating its 20 anniversary, you might find yourself craving a little PlayStation love. So why not this DualShock 3 coffee table?

PlayStation Controller Coffee Table image 2

Furniture maker WoodCurve just recently sold this impressive 3/4″ Birch plywood-made coffee table of Sony’s signifying console controller that went for $3,000 USD. Yeah, pretty pricey. But truly a way to show how much you love PlayStation. Well, besides carving a large marble statue of SCE Worldwide Studio’s president Shuhei Yoshida.

PlayStation Controller Coffee Table image 1

Doesn’t hurt that this coffee table is a beauty, too. All the proper DualShock 3 buttons and symbols are well represented from below the custom cut 1/2? tempered glass top, and on side, WoodCurve has even included a neat storage area for your stuff – games, accessories, and yes, even a PlayStation console.

PlayStation Controller Coffee Table image 3

As a complete package, this DualShock 3 coffee table not only makes a statement, but is a functional piece of furniture for any living room. It’s just a shame the only one of its kind just got bought. Perhaps if there’s enough demand, WoodCurve will build more. Here’s hoping!

Source: WoodCurve

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