Resident Evil 6 Media Featuring Chris, Leon, & Jake

Talk about an outbreak… of Resident Evil 6 media that is.

Resident Evil 6 Leon SDCC Image

Over the San Diego Comic-Con 2012 weekend, Capcom dispersed its own bio-weapon (straightly nonlethal) in the form of new media from its own Comic-Con Resident Evil 6 panel. And really, what perfect timing with the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/PC title only a few months away from its North America release, October 2. Wow, so close, indeed.

So, on the Resident Evil 6 playlist for today we’ll take a look at video gameplay from the upcoming action-horror romp’s three main heroes, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and series rookie, not to mention son of bio-terrorist Albert Wesker, Jake Muller. If you’re wondering what’s up with the three-prong setup this go-round, well, it’s because each character has their own connecting plot-threads within the grand storyline of the game.

Resident Evil 6 Chris SDCC Image

For better or worse, they’ll also have their own respective companion, much like Resident Evil 5 did. Hopefully better implemented. And while the mold of the gameplay seems reminiscent of Resident Evil games as of late – except now you can run-and-gun with freedom – all three leads won’t play exactly carbon copy. In fact, Jake’s section seems to feature a lot more melee action than his long-time RE veteran cohorts, Leon and Chris.

Although hey, don’t let my goosey-loosey synopsis paint the wrong picture for you. Check out each Resident Evil 6 gameplay trailer below and judge for yourselves. They’re chock full of zombie-dog shooting, Andre the Giant-sized infected punching, mutant-snake crushing action, if that’s what you’re after.

Resident Evil 6 – Leon Kennedy SDCC panel footage

Resident Evil 6 – Chris Redfield SDCC panel footage

Resident Evil 6 – Jake Muller SDCC panel footage

Resident Evil 6 won’t drop in the states until October 2. Again, not too long a wait, so why not loiter the halls here on Walyou with stories about awesome-looking 8-bit jeans and Star Wars business card holders. We promise not to call the coppers. Yeah, we’re that cool.