Eat Your Fears With The Oven-Baked Tarantula

ThinkGeek has never downplayed its unrelenting support for weird edibles, and this new product is no different, except that it is, because it’s an edible tarantula. Yes, we know. How freaking weird and terrifying?

Oven Baked Tarantula

Pitched as a way to ward off arachnophobia, the Oven-Baked Tarantula allows you to face your fears by literally eating one. As far as we can tell, this Cambodian delicacy is actually real, unlike their scandalous Unicorn Meat. At the very least, there’s no caveat on the end of the product description to dissuade you from believing otherwise. Although ThinkGeek does recommend you take the fangs out first.

The Oven-Baked Tarantula is ready to eat, right out of the package. We’ve found descriptions on taste in the Blogosphere. Apparently the legs don’t taste like much, and the internals are like that of an egg yolk. Tarantula omelette, anyone? Didn’t think so. We aren’t quite sure what demographic ThinkGeek is going for with this edible, but we figure Ozzy Osbourne (Loves bat heads), that creepy Billy the Exterminator from A&E, and everyday Halloween fanatics would be the most suitable purchasers of this hairy-legged arachnid.

The Tarantula and petri dish it comes in are about 3.5” in diameter and costs $24.95 a piece. Right now you can get one for a 20% discount for $19.99. Don’t worry, we don’t think they’ll be going anywhere very fast. The tarantulas are dead, after all. Har-har.

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