Woolik Launches Search Tool Extension for Google [First Beta]

Woolik, an innovative startup creating a variety of Web extensions tools, has just released its first Beta for its exciting new Google Search Tool extension.

woolik logo

The new Search Tool Extension for Google is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and aims to simplify your Online search even further by combining web site logos within the results. Such an addition provides any user a quicker view of all the results, thus being able to filter out quickly which are truly relevant and which are not necessary.

When making a search based on any query, the results would stand out further by displaying the logo of the website in each result, whether it is from YouTube, Flickr, IMDB and even yours truly…Walyou. Such slight addition to your results provides a clean way to scan the results in a sec, and see which are actually providing you the info you were interested in.

Basically, since many of us are using Google for all our Online searching need, Woolik adds the little addition of the brands right along the side of the results. A few fun examples can be seen below along with the site logos next to them, for a quicker inspection.

To try out this cool new search extension for yourself, check out the official site of Woolik and add it to your favorite browser. Then, simply begin searching, as you are already know how.

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woolike search tool anti theft gadgets

woolike search tool things that look like darth vader