Infamous Mortal Enemies Giving Peace a Chance

Have you ever imagined what life on this planet would be like if we all loved each other – no enemies, no hate, no killing between man and animal. No stories about dark sides and right sides. No predators, no one being hunted. Utopia, right? Peace, eternal, ever lasting.

Sounds boring to me, but some people believe in it. Ingrid Aspok decided to create bridges over the widest gaps between mortal enemies like Darth Vader & Luke (before he knew what he knew), James Bond and any one of his antagonists, Captain Hook and that reptile that took his arm off and even the Jaws Shark gets some love.

I for one, don’t like to see the natural order of things getting disturbed. How will economies thrive without the hate for one another? Without the useless slaughter of animals so we can throw half of our unfinished dinner into the trash? Peace… meh…

Darth Vader & Luke

Well, they did actually come to terms in the end, but still, it’s weird seeing these two hug it out like a father and son should.

Captain Hook and the Crocodile

Would you forgive someone who took your hand off?

James Bond & Blofeld

Number 1 Bond Villain.

Christmas Tree & Humanity

What will we do for Christmas decorations now?!

Jaws Shark & Chief Brody

‘I was happy you ate Quint too.’

Fox & Hare

The circle of life being disturbed.

Chefs & Geese

I guess we’re all going to have and become vegetarians pretty soon.