Razer Ferox Gaming Speakers

One of the pet peeves of portable console users is that they cannot experience good audio quality, when compared to the non-portable and bulky speaker systems.

The Razer Ferox mobile gaming and music speakers seem to be the solution for such gamers. These portable speakers are tiny but pack in a lot of might in the form of powerful bass and crystal clear audio quality. The Razer Ferox comes with an expandable resonance chamber and thanks to its 360° omni-directional sound quality, users can experience great audio quality no matter where they feel like playing video games.

These pocket-sized speakers come in a stylish carrying case which suits the taste of both music and video game lovers. The 360° Omni-directional Sound which I mentioned earlier allows for all-round clarity thanks to Razer Ferox’s drivers which are positioned strategically in order to give a surround-sound effect. You would also be surprised to find out how powerful the bass really is, thanks to the Expanded Bass resonance Chamber.

Thanks to the optimized Digital Amplification, you could expect to achieve crystal-clear audio with lower distortion levels. In fact these speakers could turn a video gaming session with your friends into a full-blown party, if you have the right kind of music on your MP3 player! The Razer Ferox mobile gaming & music speakers come for a price of $59.99, and could be the best gift you could give to yourself or to someone who is really into gaming and music.

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