Metal And Dragons Combine In Awesome ‘Draco’ Guitar

What’s the deal with metal and dragons? Oh, not much, just that they’re awesome and whenever we get both in the same article, we squeal.


We want to introduce now the Draco, a chrome metallic dragon guitar by the Emerald Guitars team. It’s one of the most impressive, badass and cool guitars we’ve ever seen! Use this for metal only.



This custom wonder is obviously completely functional, and was hand sculpted in Thailand. Exotic, right? Now check that last one picture, and you’ll also notice that the dragon itself has shinny blue LED eyes, as an extra detail. After getting this, there’s just no excuse: it is time to rock out.


Thanks to the Obvious Winner team for the tip. There’s more guitars over here, just check out 12 Mind-Blowing Unique Guitar Designs and 23 Amazing Guitar Mods.