Google Chrome Bringing “Faster than Fast” Search

Google has been making some serious changes to how they do pretty much everything the last couple of days and weeks.  Their newest tweak should make quite a few big time searchers pretty happy.

Making searching easier has been a top priority for the folks over at Google and in recent days they have come through with the ability to conduct searches on your desktop using your voice (something that has been available on mobile devices for a while) as well as bringing new features to the mobile platform such as the ability to quickly and easily do local searches for businesses and restaurants and movie theaters.  Now Google is focusing more on the speed in which the actual search is done and it appears that they have come close to perfecting almost instaneous search, at least when you are using the Chrome browser.

According to the Google Chrome Blog, when the instant search function goes live on the Chrome browser, you will be able to search for certain sites and when the browser is certain of what you are looking for it will begin to render the page before you even click the link.  This means that when you actually do click the link, the page will pop up so fast it will appear to be almost instantaneous.  As the video demonstration shows, pages that normally take 7.2 seconds (a lifetime to real web surfers) to fully load will appear to load without any time running off the clock.  While this isn’t a feature that is going to change your life dramatically, it is one that will definitely come in handy when needing to find something quickly.  We’ve all been in a situation where we’re getting rather impatient because a page is taking what seems like a long time to load.  Google seems to think that their latest tweaks to their search through Chrome will rid you of the wait at least for some sites.

Of course there are a couple of drawbacks.  The biggest being that this hasn’t been released just yet so if you are about to go running out and trying it right now…don’t.  The second is that this only works through the Chrome browser, so if you are a huge Firefox fan, you might have to make some accommodations.  All in all though, this is an improvement and will most likely be a much appreciated one.