Floating Computer Mouse Lets You Navigate in Anti-Grav Style

A new computer mouse designed by KIBARDINDESIGN can scroll, click, and, importantly to some, it can even levitate.

Kibard Mouse image 1

Consider several of the practical functions that desktop computer users would need from a computer mouse and you’d likely produce a list of features including fast and unlagging reactions, ergonomic efficiency and you might even want to consider how the mouse connects to your computer, whether wireless or wired. Design group KIBARDINDESIGN are looking to add another ‘important’ feature to your list of desired functions, “style”.

The design group is based in the Czech Republic and was started by its namesake, the Russian designer, Vadim Kibardin. Bringing European edginess to daily products, the group’s focus is on creating sleek finishes and unusual designs to things that we need and use on a day to day basis, such as an armchair with a built in armrest/draw/lamp function and an iPhone case that includes a USB flash drive and an “Earphone Wire Organizer”, but it’s their latest product that veers off the cliff of practicality and into the sea of just plain oddness.

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Called “The Bat”, the computer mouse is described as a “Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse”. It uses the fantastic power of magnetism to hover 40 millimetres from the base magnet that you can place wherever you want.

Here’s the official description :

Model: Levitating Wireless Computer Mouse Design: Vadim Kibardin 2012 Power Supply: universal AC adapter, input 100-240V, output 18V Levitation Height: 0g – 40mm, 1000g- 10mm Case material: ABS plastic Color: blackor white Dimensions: W135mm x D145mm x H40mm Dimensions Base: W240mm x D240mm x H20mm Set Weight: 2000g

Kibard Mouse image 3

While the Kibard design website lists the product as being in a status of “testing period and research market”, the product page for “The Bat” also lists that it will be manufactured in The Netherlands and China, meaning that if they’ve already thought about the location of production, the date for KIBARDINDESIGN to shipping The Bat for sale isn’t far off.

However, if you want to get your hands on this levitating piece of gadgetry, you’ll likely have to fork up the big bucks as it’s highly unlikely that this floating, ergonomic navigator, from the not so distant future will be sold on the cheap.

Source (s) : geekologie, KIBARDINDESIGN

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