Fangamer VERUS Attract Mode Event September 1st

Come one, come all – for those in the north western part of the U.S.A. that is – to a totally cool gaming party being held this weekend.

Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode image

Attention all those in the Seattle, Washington area or anyone making the trip to this weekend’s Penny Arcade Expo (Aug. 31 – Sept. 2): happening alongside the extremely popular gaming festival will be Fangamer VERSUS Attract Mode, a live shindig on Saturday, 7 PM on September 1st, that will feature some brilliant stuff!

Stuff, like music performances (perhaps you’ve heard of a certain musical act by the name of Mega Ran? Yup, he’ll be there.), demos of upcoming indie games (Super Time Force from Capybara Games), and, personally, the highlight of the gathering, a fantastic display of videogame-related artwork from artists across the globe.

Shadow of the Colossus Jovo Ve image

Image by Jovo Ve

Golden Eye Zac Gorman image

Image by Zac Gorman

I’ve done you all a mighty solid and picked out a tiny sample of what will be shown at the Attract Mode event, open to anyone, which is promised to be quite the large, uh, attraction (hehe.) And if you do happen to drop on by, you’ll be able to buy quality prints of the artwork shown.

Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be fun on a bun.

Provided that you do indeed go, of course. And why not? You’ll be supporting some pretty rad people; Attract Mode, founded in 2009, is videogame collective comprised of independent game makers, designers, artists, journalists, and film makers.

Lovely folk who make some awesome things in the name of gaming. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to pull off this public event without the help of, who by the way, also make some awesome things – particularly apparel related goods – in the name of gaming through their online portal.

missle command Stephanie Hans image

Image by Stephanie Hans

All they ask in kind return is a mere $5 dollars at the door to get in, so seriously, don’t act like its such a hassle to come on over if you’re near by, because at that price and the amount of things to do, it’s not, bub. Truly, I wish I could go, but living in middle of nowhere Texas, it’s not in the cards sadly. (Please do visit Attract Mode’s website though if you’re in a similar position! Give them lots of clicks!)

These wonderful pieces of art will just have to do. So will this R2-D2 lunch bag for hungry padawans, bunch of gamer soaps made to look like retro gaming nicknacks, and whatever else is great on Walyou.

All artwork shown here are courtesy of their respected artist. Please don’t claim it as your own, m’kay? Thanks.