Fantastic Arcade Hosts “Adventure Time” Game Jam

Oh my glob! A game making contest for Adventure Time?! Yup, and it’s happening in Austin, Texas.

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake image

The Cartoon Network animated hit Adventure Time, if you look closely enough, takes a lot of cute cues from the medium of videogames. I could easily point to Beemo, Finn and Jake’s talking, anthropomorphic Atari 5200 cross Game Boy-esque gaming system, as one example of this, but let us consider the premise of the show as a hole.

A young boy heading into the wilderness, exploring places like caves or dungeons, and fighting the shadow of evil wherever it lurks. Sounds astonishing close to a certain green-wearing adventurer from Nintendo, doesn’t it?

From what I’ve heard off the Internet grapevine, Adventure Time creator, Pendleton Ward, is a self-proclaimed lover of games himself, so this subtle connection between both mathematical series might be intentional… And it might explain the King Worm-sized enthusiasm for the upcoming Adventure Time Gamemaking Frenzy event.

Adventure Time Gamemaking Frenzy animation Image

As a part of Austin, Texas’s Fantastic Arcade (September 20 – 27), a popular showcase of independent games like Capybara Games’s excellent looking Super TIME Force, the festival will hold a 48-hour game jam where contestants must design a videogame from scratch, based on Adventure Time, in the allotted two-day time limit.

Submissions made during the Gamemaking Frenzy – September 14 to the 16 – that are deemed “THE BEST” will be featured for free play in a custom Adventure Time themed arcade cabinet during Fantastic Arcade.

Wait, what’s that you say? You can’t make the sudden voyage to the heart of Texas to enter, because there isn’t any time? Well, aren’t you in luck, then! Anyone from around the world can take part in the event; just be sure to head over to the contest’s main webpage and find fuller details there at

Hopefully, we will get to see a lot of interesting, amusing projects from this. Heck, maybe a surprise creation that looks as good as the upcoming Adventure Time Nintendo 3DS game (probably not, but wouldn’t it be awesome if that did happen!) I shall definitely stay tuned for that, and you can stay tuned for what’s fresh on Walyou.

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