9 Fat Comic Books & Video Game Villains

Not all Heroes and Villains are muscular, athletic and good looking. A little brains, some mutant genes and just the will to do some bad can take you a long way in the fictional world of either video games or comic book universes.

Pink Pearl (Marvel Comics)

Not just one of the fattest but also one of the lamest ‘super’ villains in the comic book world, she is known for once being part of a circus troupe, only deciding to become a terrorist and take over the circus, later trying to assassinate the Canadian Prime Minister and the American President.

Slug (Marvel Comics)

Marvel wanted to emulate Kingpin, so they created Slug, also known as Ulysses X. Lugman as a Miami crime boss, who gets involved with all kinds of Marvel Superheroes only to find himself eventually penniless and incarcerated. He’s also a mutant, which probably explains his ooziness.

King Hippo (Nintendo)

King Hippo made his debut in our geeky lives as one of the characters on the Mike Tyson Punch Out game on the NES, gaining more popularity because he was part of the Captain N cartoon during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.


Unlike the previous guys and gal, Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk, isn’t a laughing matter in the fictional world of the Marvel Universe. The character has been around since the 1960’s, mostly known for being the antagonist for Daredevil but also Spiderman and the Punisher. He’s not fat, by the way, he’s muscular.

The Penguin

One of Batman’s most famous and oldest enemies, yet never a real source for actual peril for the Dark Knight. Sort of a low-crime kind of guy, sometimes even an informant when Batman needs him to.

The Blob

Another mutant who could have gotten a much cooler power. Right now, in the current Marvel universe events, he’s actually de-powered and simply fat and liquid. So fat, he can’t even commit suicide because he couldn’t reach any major blood vessels.

Granny Goodness

Chief of the female furies, Granny Goodness, who used to be quite a good looking, bald woman, is probably Darkseid’s closest thing to a right hand (wo)man.


Toyman hasn’t been appearing frequently in recent Superman comics, but he’s still one of the more recognizable faces in his Villains stable. For some reason, Superman doesn’t really have fat enemies.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Even Hedgehog have enemies, and Doctor Eggman just happens to be the first and only arch nemesis of a Blue Hedgehog in the whole wide world.