Pirhana Plant Needle Felt: A Wooly Tribute to the Tube Dweller

Mario, dear, sweet, selfless Mario, where you find such terrifying “thank goodness I’m not from the Mushroom Kingdom” foes continues to amaze me. From the likes of the grotesque and squat Goomba and drone-like Koopa Troopa, to the leader of the Koopa Troop itself, Bowser, it’s a wonder how the mustachioed one is able to keep a level head on the day-to-day, let alone in the heat of battle. Speaking of heat (now that’s a segue) one crafty Mario fan, Koalajoe, decided to pay a particularly heartfelt tribute to one of the Mushroom Kingdom’s deadlier fire-spitting inhabitants: the Piranha Plant.

Exquisitely rendered in 3D, this needle felt (a popular form of fiber art) rendition of the classic in-pipe Piranha Plant encapsulates all that is furious about this tube dweller. While I wouldn’t recommend that this little fella take up the hobby of his forefathers, the spitting of fire, given the size of his chompers, chances are good that the deer seen in the image above is in for a world of pain.

Arguably the most troublesome of the Koopa Troop, even back in his 1985 Super Mario Bros. debut, the Piranha Plant is firmly planted in echelon of  the Mushroom Kingdom’s most wanted. Having taken on many forms since, some more dangerous, and some whimsical than others – I’m looking at you Petey Piranha – this is one carnivorous relative of the dandelion that’s simply not to be messed with.

For another topnotch example of needle felting, check out this impressively accurate, and immaculately detailed, Conan O’Brien Doll. Interested in how it’s done? Take a look into the actual process behind these great needle felt creations by paying special attention to some of the photos included along with this neat post on needle felt Angry Birds.

Via: Koala Joe