Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box

This special anniversary box set for Square Enix’s flagship RPG has all of the Final Fantasy games. All of them.

Final Fantasy 25 Ulitmate Box Set Square Enix Image 3

Twenty-five years; my how the time flies by. From pixels to now three-dimensional models, the Final Fantasy series created by Hironobu Sakaguchi has sure come a long way, with each and every iteration of this international best-selling empire bringing something new to the role-playing game table.

Of course, this forward-thinking mindset tends to produce some mixed results, and even worse, mixed reactions among fans. You could probably ask which Final Fantasy is clearly head and pretty-boy shoulders among the rest to a huge crowd of gamers, and you’ll most likely receive a wide range of answers in return.

Be it Final Fantasy’s VI, VII, IX, or heck, even XIII – yup, the same XIII where it truly opens up after 20 hours of playtime (I’d recommend plowing through for the payoff, but that’s probably the Stockholm Syndrome speaking) – the consensus on which is the best is all over the gosh darn place.

Final Fantasy 25 Ulitmate Box Set Square Enix Image 1

Good thing though that for its 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box Set, Square Enix has put the kibosh into that pesky problem by including every mainline Final Fantasy game to date. But it will cost you big bucks; the collection will run at 35,000 yen, which is approximately $450 American dollars (not including the import fees.)

Worth it? Well… that’s up to how much you love the famed RPG series. It is rather super pretty, I admit. Why, check out its stylish packaging filled to the brim with art by Final Fantasy’ character artist Yoshitaka Amano; covering every item from full-print portrait, two-disc soundtrack, commemorative DVD, and more!

Final Fantasy 25 Ulitmate Box Set Square Enix Image 2

Right now, this ultimate box set will be available only in Japan starting December 18, exclusively sold through the Square Enix e-Shop. No word of a western release yet, either. Logically, there is the import route, but be mindful that the game disks provided need Sony hardware (PSone, PS2, PSP, & PS3) to run on. Other than that, “have fun storming the castle” if you’ve got the means to grab this set.

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