World’s Largest UFO Catcher Has The Biggest Prizes Ever, For Reals

Japan builds the world’s largest claw machine filled with giant teddy bears. The results are simply magical.

Big Share UFO Catcher Image

Whoa… If you thought trying to nab a cuddly teddy bear from a claw machine was frustratingly mind-splitting as is, wait till you get a load of this behemoth. From the people that bring you giant lizards, giant robots, heck, they pretty much have the entire market locked down with all things taller than an twenty story building — of course I’m talking about Japan — comes the world’s largest UFO catcher.

UFO catchers are the Asian variety of claw machines, and they’re immensely popular in Japan. Heck, you could walk blindly into any Japanese arcade and be sure to hit these prize-catching units with great ease. No surprise here then, that our friends from the east would truly out do themselves with a UFO catcher that fills a whole shopping center and holds items larger than a small car.

Which brings us to the sponsor of this event hosted at the Roppongi Hills area in Tokyo — car company Toyota. Make note of the carefully placed mock-vehicle atop this UFO catcher’s…err, catcher(?). Coincidence? Nope, the whole stunt is nothing but a car commercial, albeit an awesome one that you should check out right now.

Seriously, who wouldn’t like a flashy confetti-raining band-marching parade when you successfully land one of those big ole’ stuffed teddies? Probably people who wouldn’t love this cool hydromechanical wristwatch by HYT, or the announcement trailer for the next Resident Evil game arriving in November. What party poopers, indeed.