Fire-Breathing Nautilus One-Man Band

Here’s one of those things that makes the world a better place simply because you know it exists: a Dutch musician by the name of Arthur van Hoppel (a.k.a The Music Artist) has built a Jules Verne-inspired steampunk vehicle.

It gets even better. The Nautilus, which comes to us via The Awesomer, breathes fire.

Nautilus one-man band

Van Hoppel actually uses it as a one-man band, playing various pieces of percussion with foot pedals while singing and strumming an acoustic guitar. Here’s a video of him covering a classic Beatles tune:

That’s how John Lennon would have wanted people to honor his memory, right? Van Hoppel has built a few other cool musical vehicles: a  bicycle, a car and a jet fighter. You can get more information (and book him) by going to his website. He has a repertoire of ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s songs.

For some more steampunk music, check out our post on geek favorite Daft Punk’s steampunk costume. If you’re really into steampunk, you no doubt subscribe to the movement’s DIY ethic. If that’s true, and you’re musically inclined as well as good with your hands, you can build your own steampunk electric guitar. You can also find another one here.