Super Metroid Beaten In 12 Minutes

One of the best games on the Super Nintendo gets pushed to the limit in this blazing 12 minute speed run.

Super Metroid Beat 12 Mins Image

I love Super Metroid, you love Super Metroid – pretty much almost everyone loves Super Metroid. Big flying whoop, yeah, I know. When it comes to this 16-bit masterpiece on the Super Nintendo – also rated one of the best games of all time – there’s really not much else that needs to be said on the subject.

Speed run videos on the other hand… Not such the case. Especially, when you see Cpadolf’s clearing of the game in 12 minutes. Amazing. It’s a tool-assisted speed run, which if you’re not down with the whole “speed run” lingo, means one that is played via emulation typically using save states, manipulating frame speed, and all sorts of game manipulating tomfoolery.

This doesn’t make beating the game a cheap magic trick though. It still requires heavy planning and a deep understanding of game physics to shed precious seconds off your overall clear time. In regards to Super Metroid, our speed runner places a weird priority on grabbing the X-Ray visor, a pretty useless item in the “grand Super Metroid scheme” of things, but for Cpadolf, is necessary to clock-in at the 12 minute mark.

With the X-Ray visor, Cpadolf cuts through Planet Zebes easily – getting passed certain barred-off sections of the game fast, and without coming across any of Super Metroid’s big baddies, such as Ridley, Kraid, or Mother Brain herself. Just the manner in which Cpadolf goes about their speed run is like Neo bending time and space in The Matrix. It’s really crazy, I tell ya what.

The video below is a pretty long one coming in at around twenty five minutes long, but its an awesome twenty five minutes that is greatly worth it. So grab a nice cold drink – I’m a ice tea kind of guy myself –  and push play.

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