Groove to the Beats of Steampunk Daft Punk

Though not essentially a geeky band, Daft Punk is usually favored by those who are into gadgets, computers and bits. This is mostly because they use a lot of electronic sounds in their tracks and they are one of the most famous icons of electronic influenced house music.

This time around, Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have been photographed by LJinto in a Steampunk costume. I am not sure if the photographer actually used Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter as subjects or if these are costumes inspired by the famous Technologic musicians. Back in the 1990s, they were played at almost all the clubs throughout the world, and were instrumental in bringing electronic beats to the mainstream nightclubs in a way that the entrainment industry had never known.

Whoever the subjects are, they sure seem to be having a lot of fun and if these guys are really the Daft Punk duo, this photograph must be one of the coolest pics to float on the internet. Steampunk has this all encompassing ability of shading people, situations and tangible stuff into something Victorian and Industrial. It transports the viewer back into the 19th century when technology was all about iron and steel, mines and building rail lines.

In this case, the idea of a Steampunk Daft Punk is particularly interesting as they use mechanized beats and sounds, similar to the ‘industrial rhythm’ that one could have imagined in factories of 19th century. If the photograph is really that of the Daft Punk duo, we can safely assume that electronic-influenced music and Steampunk music go together. You could also take a look at Steampunk Disney and Steampunk Female Mechanic, which we had featured sometime back. If you don’t want to go through a lot of text and learn something about other Steampunk influenced gadgets and products, you could just pump up the bass and start grooving to Daft Punk.