Firefly Cupcakes: Delicious and Adorable

Mal and the rest of the cast of “Firefly” make adorable and delicious cupcake toppers, an awesome birthday gift for any fan of the show.

These adorable cupcakes were designed by cupcake specialist and all-around awesome wife, Vivian, as a special treat for her husband’s birthday.  What a lucky guy and we’re lucky she shared her unique and enviable cupcakes with the rest of us.

A lot of thought went into these cupcakes. To imitate the sandy world which Mal and company find themselves on most often, Vivian topped vanilla frosting with crushed graham crackers.  For the cupcakes with the ship, Serenity, she used chocolate frosting and little stars to represent space.

The individual members of the Serenity crew were made out of fondant, with which she added plenty of detail. Mal, unfortunately is missing his suspenders but is still as adorable as Nathan Fillion himself.

Jayne, Mal and Zoe all have their guns. Kaylee has her jumpsuit on and wrench in hand, ready to get dirty fixing up the ship.  Book has the good book in his hands, ready to preach.

Inara, River and Simon are all there too. I think my favorite part of these cupcakes is being able to tell that Vivian really loves “Firefly” and put a lot of love and effort into creating these fondant models.

Vivian says she wished she had more time to make an actual model of the Serenity ship but the flat version she did is good enough.  We’ll forgive her this time since we wouldn’t be able to drool over these cupcakes without her.

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Via: Buzz Feed