Light Up, Moving Firefly Sculpture

Sculptures don’t have to be boring and stay still, and this firefly sculpture by Nemo Gould is a perfect example of a sculpture that remains true to the definition but adds a new level of art.


Walyou is no stranger to artist Nemo Gould as we covered one of his other kinetic sculpture, “In the Forest” lunchbox. The firefly sculpture consists of a violin scroll (the carved neck of a violin), piano parts, furniture parts, radio, gears, LED, flicker bulb, brass, lamp hardware and knobs.

Firefly gear

Like his previous work, most of these parts are gathered in the San Francisco Bay area. The movement is achieved by attaching the legs via wire onto the gears inside the radio box.

Firefly closeup

The sculpture itself is simple, elegant and whimsical. While it is reminiscent of a firefly since it lights up and flickers, the design itself offers a fairytale-like version of the insect. If only fireflies were this pretty in real life, kids might not squish them. The violin scroll is the head and antennas look more like feathers.

Firefly feet

Of course, the firefly has six legs and the wings on the back are actually fairly accurate to an actual firefly, as the wings cover up the lower abdomen area where the light occurs. The sculpture stands 18″ x 9″ x 7″, a fairly small piece of work.

Firefly back

Nemo Gould offers another great piece of work that allows us to view things in a different light. This firefly sculpture, while not placed in any environment, tells a kind of story and offers both an accurate and fictional version of this recognizable insect. It conjures up stories and maybe even memories of childhood fantasies and allows us to forget the “real world” for a little while.

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Via: Nemomatic