11 Tasty Ways to Propose Marriage With Food

Love, lust and lunch are all connected somehow, although I’m not quite sure how. But in any case, it makes marriage proposals with food the best way to get to your partners heart and hear a yes, not to mention the fun that follows shortly after.

At the Top of a Coffee Cup

Coffee foam marriage proposal

Written Crudely on the Inside of a Pizza Box

Pizza Box Marriage Proposal

The Complicated Way – Using a Kinder Egg to do it

Kinder Marriage Proposal

The problem is if the person you’re asking to marry isn’t really in the mood to do some constructing.

Just Before You Eat Some Ice Cream

 Ice Cream Marriage Proposal

Using the Wisdom of a Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie Marraige Proposal

Here’s how to make your own.

Chicken Nuggets Are Also a Good & Tasty Way to Go

Chicken Nuggets marraige proposal

Chocolate is Probably the Perfect Way to do it

Chocolate Marriage Proposal

This Etsy store.sells custom made candy messages.

Macarons Seems like the Colorful Version of Proposing

Macarons marriage proposal

Decorating a Cupcake

Decorating a Cupcake

When You Reach the Bottom of the Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup marriage proposal

Or Simply Doing it on a Whole Cookie Tray

Cookie marriage proposal

There’s no proposal like a geeky proposal, and if you’re looking for a nerdy idea, these wedding proposals are probably the thing for you.

(Via: Rachel Sanders)