Foosball Coffee Table Offers Multiple Options of Spending Free Time

The Chicago Gaming Pinnacle Foosball coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture for the ones who can’t decide if they want to play foosball or drink coffee.

I imagine the discussion between the owner of this table and his guest something among these lines, just that instead of “What would you like do? Would you like to go to the park or would you prefer having some dinner?” the questions would be: “What would you like to do? Would you like to play some foosball or would you prefer having some coffee?” Regardless of the answer, this foosball coffee table can accommodate equally fine both wishes.

Chicago Gaming Company, the manufacturer of the Pinnacle Coffee Table, takes pride in having used high-quality materials that include wood, inlaid wood veneer, stainless steel hand painted foosball men. The leg levelers are adjustable, fact that makes the foosball coffee table quite convenient.

The telescopic rods of the foosball table come with octogonal solid hardwood handles, which should make them very comfortable to handle. The scoring beads are also made of solid wood, while the ball return is from stainless steel.

The Pinnacle Foosball Coffee Table is not only very practical, but also very elegant. The hand carved wood details are impressive, and the refined frame makes the table adequate for a wide variety of interior design styles.

Cleaning the glass on top of the table is a breeze. The upper side can be easily wiped clean. Should the lower side ever get dirty, people can remove the glass in order to clean it. Chicago Gaming promises a memorable gaming experience, as they promise the ball will never get stuck. Not only the glass top is easy to take off and put back, but the entire foosball coffee table is generally easy to assemble.

In case people don’t want to buy such a table for their guests, they should do it for their family. Kids would probably love playing foosball on such an elegant table, not to mention that this would be a great way of teaching them the rules of soccer.

The reviews of the Chicago Gaming Pinnacle Foosball Coffee Table on Amazon, while not so many, are all favorable. The price there is of $429.98, which is quite adequate, considering the materials and the design details. Amazon offers free shipping for this product in the US, while the manufacturer offers a 6-month warranty.

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