24 Tape Rolls That’ll Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Packing is not the most tedious task in the world. With unlimited creativity, companies and designers around the world have come up with unusual packing tape ideas that guarantee to give you a lot of fun when you have to move your stuff, either alone or with friends. 24 packing tapes we are about to introduce to you are the coolest of all, ranging from geeky Space Invader tape to patriotic Russian anthem tape.

Space Invader Tape


Space Invader Tape is part of Space Invader Desk Supplies from A Brand Called Ed.  The range of products was designed for a sole purpose only: to bring the classic arcade video game into your every day tasks.

Michael Jackson Packing Tape


Source: NCSX

Featuring Moonwalk techniques on nine sequential panels, Michael Jackson packing tape is a tribute to the legendary dancer and singer. The panels start with the initial backward thrust followed by shuffle steps, a lean-to, the toe-hold, and conclude with a dip on the final panel.

Calendar Tape


Source: Monster-Munch

Some cool folks at Laboratorium in Croatia came up with a brilliant idea that brings the phrase “rolling time” into action. Take two rolls of tapes and you get a calendar that works for any year. You can stick your never ending calendar any where you like: in the sketch book, on the wall or in the office.

Message Tape


Source: SUCK UK

The message tape is a multifunctional tool that can be used decoratively when you want to geek up your space with alien languages, practically when you want to bind things together or educationally when you want to teach your kids to spell. All you need to do is to black out the unwanted dots to create your own message.

Magic Light Tape


Source: Kandaka

Elshine’s Magic Tape, also known as Lighting Stripe, is an extremely thin light-emitting film that can be wrapped around your wrists to rock any night party.

Autobahn Tape Kit


The Autobahn Tape is a two-inch broad tape that gives you the freedom to create roads for your toy car on just about any surface. With the entire tape unrolled, your cars would have covered a distance of 108 feet. The set is completed with a toy race car to rally on your imaginative highway.

Highway Tape


Source: Pan-dan

Another road inspired tape, highway tape from Martí Guixé is an adhesive tape with motorway pattern that lets your imagination run loose.

Football Tape


Source: Coolbuzz

It seems like football fans can never get enough of the king sport. The football tape is yet another creation to take the ubiquity of the game to a new level. When wrapped, the tape transforms into a ball to play when you don’t have a real ball with you.

“Everything is ok” Tape


Source: Cooper-Hewitt

Conceived by MINE, “Everything is ok” tape is a design that exemplifies the power of design to alter meaning through context. Defying the alarming of the yellow tape, the phrase “Everything is ok” has the power to calm people down during a tough situation.

“Shut Up” Tape


Source: Young and Brilliant

The message makes you wonder what Atypyk was having in mind when he/she came up with this idea. The tape reminds us of a common Hollywood scene when the villains wrap the tape around the hostage’s mouth to get this person shut up.

Hinge X-Tape


Designed by Hyoungmin Park and Jeongmin Lee, the Optical Illusion Hinge X-Tape adds fun to your packing and enhances the functionality of the sealing tape at the same time. The smart illusion makes your carton look like it is sealed with multiple hinges and screws.

Zip Tape


Source: Benoitlemoine

The image of the zip printed on the packing tape can be a great fun if we know how to play with it.

Droog Do Frame Tape


Source: Outblush

Droog Do Frame Tape by Mart Guix is a fantastic design that turns any surface of your choice into an artistic frame without any nasty damaging drills and nails.

Packing Tape Jewelry


Source: Designboom

The cheapest jewelry you can ever find, packing tape jewelry might not be the best choice for a formal occasion, but will be perfect for a costume party or when you want to go gaga. Each roll holds 60m worth of bracelets, watches, necklaces and belts that can be rolled out and applied.

Tape Sunglasses


Source: Crookedbrains

Glasses tape or tape sunglasses is an interesting wearable tape by azumianddavid (A’N’D). You can put it atop your head, put on your collar or any place you usually wear your sunglasses just for fun.

New Moon Packing Tape


Source: Twilight Guide

Featuring New Moon logos, the Wolf Pack tattoo packing tape serves as temporary tattoos when everybody is going crazy about the chick-flick, and turns into ordinary packing tape when the Cullen fever is over.

Spinal Tape


Source: Look At This

The spinal tape will transform your mediocre carton into a treasure chest all pirates are coveting. The message is clear: Touch my package and you are dead.

Cardiogram Tape


Source: Art.Lebedev Studio

The normal cardiogram which is normally associated with hospital’s hard feelings is used by Mika Zubrilov as a creative packing tape pattern.

Russian Anthem Tape


Source: Art.Lebedev Studio

Patriotism at its best, Vladimir Shreyder’s anthem tape features the whole Russian anthem with both lyric and music notes.

Bandage Tape


Source: Art.Lebedev Studio

Designed by Mika Zubrilov, the bandage tape is perfect to play a prank on your friends on April Fools’. Apply one piece on your skin as if you are injured to freak your friends out.

Roll Up Keyboard Tape


Too cool for mediocre packing job, this beautiful roll up keyboard tape would serve as a practical tool for any musically talented kid to play around with.

Sound Wave Tape


Source: Art.Lebedev Studio

Featuring continuous sound wave throughout the entire 2 inch wide roll, the Sound Wave tape is yet another way to make your packages stand out to those on the receiving end.

Film Strip Tape


Source: Art.Lebedev Studio

If you work in movie industry or you are simply a crazy movie fan, this film strip tape is for you.

Grassland Tape


Source: Design Crack

In an era when everybody is going green, it’s natural for AndDesign to come up with an idea that capture natures in a roll of adhesive plastic. Featuring the silhouette of a promising grassland, the tape can be used for both packing and decoration purposes.