15 Humorous Tip Jars

Working behind the counter in a diner or a coffee shop sucks. Well, anything that has you serving people, having to deal with their bad moods, especially in the morning, sucks. Thing look better with a tip jar full of cash, so being creative and coming up with a funny way to get customers to cough up those extra few bucks is worth your while.

Trying to fool the less intelligent customers. It works, apparently.

Working the “Help the Animals” soft spot of humans always works. If it’s Nemo looking fish? Even better.

The internet works on Cats, and porn. If no cats there’s no reason for reddit/pics, stumbleupon and others. Although, there are plenty of cat haters out there, so maybe this kitten strategy is the wrong way to go.

Sucking up to the customers just before they make their decision to drop their money is always a good idea.

Billionaires need our help. Especially after they got caught stealing out of the global cookie jar.

Gratefulness doesn’t put food on the table.

Mullets. They make people ugly.

Any Lebowski reference makes me open my wallet to reach for those oh so hard to grab coins.

Hatred for Twilight brings people together. I’ve heard of people getting married because of it.

That’s just too easy, when you know you’ve got a geeky clientele.