Cool Paintings of Pop Culture

Here at Walyou, we firmly believe that the only thing better than pop culture (especially geeky pop culture) is paintings of pop culture.

These cool paintings are done by Scott Morse and come to us via Thaeger (the site is in German). This post will only scratch the surface, but he’s done many more than we’ll feature here. You should check out his Morse’s blog, which features his work.

First up, here’s a painting of the cartoon character Atom Ant. No, ’80s music fans, that’s not a typo for Adam Ant, though he’s pretty cool, too.

Atom Ant Painting

Next, up, here’s the Beatles, obviously near the end of their career, perhaps doing their famous rooftop concert.

Beatles painting

Here’s a painting of Malificent, one of the all-time evil Disney villains, from “Snow White.”


And while we’re on the subject of villains, Here’s Mr. Freeze.

Mr. Freeze painting

Another famous movie monster: Frankenstein’s Bride.

Frankenstein's Bride painting

Finally, if you’re tired of villains and monsters, let’s finish with a portrait of Droopy Dog from the Tom And Jerry cartoons.

Droopy Dog painting

As I mentioned earlier we really like paintings here on this blog. If you typed “painting” in the search box, you will get lots of results. A couple of recent examples we’ve done here on Walyou: a series of alternative Avengers paintings and a mash-up of Star Wars and Up.