Game of Thrones Goes Intimate … With an Acoustic Guitar

We still can’t get over the fact that we won’t have any new episodes of Game of Thrones until Fall 2012 (Winter is coming?!). What do we do until then? Watch tributes, of course!

Season 1 was so brilliant, and ended at such a high point that we can’t help but ask for more, new episodes as soon as possible. We can’t wait for the moment we get to hear that fantastic music by Ramin Djawadi coming out from our tv speakers once again, announcing a new episode to help us get out of our withdrawal.

A fellow geek, , seems to be having as much of a hard time as we do coping with the loss of the best TV show out there right now, and decided to do something about it, and the result is absolutely beautiful. After seeing almost every character sleeping around and being naked around everyone, it’s pretty cool to see real intimacy thanks to the unique magic of a well-played acoustic guitar.

OggirtMoonFrad did an elegant, classy rendition that both fans and non-fans will appreciate. Even though he caught the audio of his guitar with just a webcam mic, it comes off clearly, and clean, unlike those damn Lannisters. We recommend going through his channel to hear more geeky tunes such as Aerith’s theme from Final Fantasy VII or the Super Mario Bros theme song.

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