Sling the Fling Mini Smartphone Joystick in Your Bag and Go Gaming

Undertaking a solitary journey, waiting for the bus or train, in line awaiting your turn, or just wanting to while away a little time – any of these situations could be yours. What do you normally do then? With so many interesting games on the phone you would sure like to go gaming. It would be more interesting if you had a joystick that could make the gaming experience more fun and comfortable.

Ten 1 is a Montclair, NJ, based design firm that is taking all efforts to bring about pleasant changes in the mobile usage experience. Newly launched Fling Mini is one addition in the step towards that goal.

Fling Mini is a pair of joysticks designed for iPhone, iPod and Android devices and gives you better control over your game. Every game that has an onscreen joystick can be played using this pair of external joysticks bringing about a richer experience. It may still have a patent pending but the list of games it can support runs into pages. While playing on the phone also you can experience the analog stick effect and at the same time maximizes your gaming skill. With accurate movements in the game you are bound to have an edge over your friends.

This wonder device comes in a set of two that can be easily attached to your phone using suction cups. Once in place you can easily slide it over your screen as per the requirement of the game. Needless to say, do take care to see that no grime or dirt particles are trapped under the thumb area or constant movement during the game could seriously damage your phone screen. Made of flexible engineering resin and machined aluminum it is absolutely safe for you’re your phone. Fling Mini is a transparent see through controller which will never block the view of your game.

As of now it is available in only one cool grey smoky color with accents of white graphics.

Designers have also taken care to add an eco-friendly touch to the product by making its packaging 100 per cent recyclable. In fact, the packaging material is a recycled microfiber bag that can be further recycled. Besides the bag cannot only be used for storing the Fling Minis but are equally useful in cleaning the screen of the phone.

While accessories for mobile phones are designed at a very fast pace Fling Mini is especially designed for a rich mobile gaming experience. Order a set for yourself and delve deep into your favorite games.

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