Game of Thrones House Flags With a Twist

As Game of Thrones became much more than just a TV Show about a series of books, so does everything else that has to do with this fantasy phenomenon, including the art of the House Flags, used to describe other heroes of our time, like Superman, Batman, Harry Potter and Sheldon Cooper.

The Big Bang Theory

There’s a spot on Sheldon Cooper’s couch that’s just for him.

Harry Potter

Can easily be a house of Flash sigil.

Star Trek

Or any other pointy eared demon.


Peter Pan syndrome.

Lord of the Rings

Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker

Not all that powerful and too responsible most of the time.

Captain America, aka Steve Rogers

Sounds like a Tully family member.


Sometimes it is.

Bruce Wayne, aka Batman

Superman, aka Clark Kent or Kal-El

Gods upon Earth sounds a little bit arrogant, doesn’t it?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Star Wars

Waiting anxiously for a 7th installment.

All this artwork and more are by Lokiable, aka Miguel Lokia.