Transform Your iPhone 5 into a Personal Cinema with iTheater

Watching movies on the go is certainly entertaining, but iPhone 5 owners might complain about the 4 inch diagonal of the Retina displays. The iTheater, a concept envisioned by Mike Enayah, could improve their experience dramatically.

Mike Enayah, the Michigan-based designer that came up with this concept, considers that there is room for a lot of improvements when it comes to watching video clips on an iPhone 5. The fully adjustable iPhone holder that he created is built around a set of headphones. By adjusting the distance between the phone and the eyes, as well as the volume of the sound coming out of the headphones, the users could actually enjoy the experience of having a personal cinema.

Adjusting the distance will also alter the apparent size of the iPhone, making it look smaller or bigger. Since there are no cables visible, I assume that the holder also comes with a 3.5 jack that connects to the iPhone.

While an interesting concept, the iTheater is rather big, fact that makes it rather inappropriate for fashion conscious people. At the end of the day, one of the reasons why iPhone owners like their devices so much is the simple design. Showing up in public with an iTheater on one’s head might ruin his or her reputation.

Since I like Android gadgets more than Apple’s products, I’ve got to ask: if iPhone owners are not happy with their screen diagonal, why didn’t they turn their attention to Android phones? The latter are known to sport ever-increasing displays that make watching videos a real pleasure.

Some may argue that the Retina display is so much better than the Super AMOLEDs or other displays used on Android devices, but in the end, it all comes to how big it is (the screen, in case you thought of something else). After all, there are Android smartphones out there with better resolutions and greater pixel densities. These factors must have something to do with the quality of the image, don’t you think?

Should the designer of the iTheater ever decide to launch this device to the public, he needs to think of a price tag that doesn’t justify in any way the quality of the components, in the vein of every other Apple device out there. Seeing how things go in the Apple world, the price will be the last thing the iSheep look at, anyway.

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