You Won’t Believe How the Game of Thrones Kids & Cast Have Changed Through the Years (32 Photos)

Game of Thrones KidsImage via: Dorkly

Among the many remarkable things on Game of Thrones is its cast of children actors, grown (those who haven’t been killed off) into fine young gentlemen and ladies. It’s also quite incredible to see them grow up on camera over the years, with quite astounding changes.

Sansa Stark Pilot EpisodeImage via: YouTube

This is how Sansa Stark looked in the Pilot episode, which was broadcast in April 2011. Sophie Turner, the actress portraying her, was 15 at the time.

Sansa Stark in Season 6Image via: Twitter

This is her five years later. Sophie is 20, while her Sansa hasn’t just aged considerably, blossoming into a beautiful woman, but has also been through quite a lot.