You Won’t Believe How the Game of Thrones Kids & Cast Have Changed Through the Years (32 Photos)

Game of Thrones Kids

Among the many remarkable things on Game of Thrones is its cast of children actors, grown (those who haven’t been killed off) into fine young gentlemen and ladies. It’s also quite incredible to see them grow up on camera over the years, with quite astounding changes.

Sansa Stark Pilot Episode

This is how Sansa Stark looked in the Pilot episode, which was broadcast in April 2011. Sophie Turner, the actress portraying her, was 15 at the time.

Sansa Stark in Season 6

This is her five years later. Sophie is 20, while her Sansa hasn’t just aged considerably, blossoming into a beautiful woman, but has also been through quite a lot.

Sophie Turner in 2016

And if you were wondering, this is how Sophie Turner looks these days when she’s not on set. On to her Stark House sister, Arya.

Arya Stark Pilot

The second youngest in the Stark brood, Arya Stark is portrayed by Maisie Williams in the show, who was just under 14 when the first episode came out.


And here she is quite a few years later, putting Walder Frey to the knife for his crimes. She’s closing in on 20 now.

Maisie Williams These Days

And this is a photo of her from about six months ago. Yep, it’s always weird to see kid actors grow into adults. And speaking of growing, here’s Bran.

Bran Stark in the Pilot

This is Isaac Hempstead Wright, portraying Bran Stark, who was only 12 at the time the pilot episode aired, which means he was much younger when it was filmed. He could still walk (the character) during the pilot episode.

Bran Stark Weirwood Tree

And here he is under a weirwood tree, all grown up, unable to walk, but much wiser, and capable of flying, sort of. And knowing everything about the past, and even capable of changing past events (???).

Isaac Hempstead Wright

And here he is in a much more geekier, grown up look. He’ll be 18 in a few months. And on to the youngest Stark in the show, Rickon.

Rickon Stark Pilot

Rickon Stark is extremely young when the story kicks off, so it’s understandable his role isn’t very big, just like in the books. Art Parkinson, who remained the character’s actor throughout the six seasons, as only 9 when the pilot episode aired.

Older Rickon Stark

Yep, he’s changed quite a lot over the years. This is him in the final episode (for him at least), moments before a Ramsay Bolton arrow finds him.

Art Parkinson off-show

These days, Art Parkinson is 15, and quite the busy actor. And from the Stark kids, we move on to another character that won’t be in the final episode because he’s, well, dead in the series: Joff.

Joff & Sansa

Now Jack Gleeson, who portrays Joffrey Baratheon, isn’t exactly a child actor. He was 18 when the pilot aired, acting a character a bit younger. He didn’t make it till season 6.

Joffrey Baratheon Dying

His famous death scene came in season 4. He’s semi-retired from acting now, but that might change at some point.

Jack Gleeson

And from one Baratheon-Lannister to another one, who also got to wear a crown: Tommen.

Callum Wharry

This is Callum Wharry, who plays Tommen Baratheon in seasons 1 and 2. From season 4, it became Dean-Charles Chapman’s job.

Tommen Baratheon End

Tommen jumps to his doom after Cersei destroys everyone who has ever hurt her, which means we probably won’t see Chapman on-screen again, unless it’s some flashback.

Dean-Charles Chapman

He’s 19 now, and quite the busy actor. And Tommen isn’t the only Baratheon sibling to get an acting change during the series. We’ve seen two Myrcellas as well.

Myrcella Baratheon Beginning

The first Myrcella was Aimee Richardson, making appearances in seasons 1 and 2. Nell Tiger Free took the roll much later on, after three seasons of the character not appearing on screen. Just like the other Baratheon-Lannister kids, she hasn’t made it to where we are now.

Myrcella on the boat

This is her a bit before the poison starts taking its toll.

Nell Tiger Free

This is Nell Tiger Free when she isn’t in character. She’s 17 now. And from teenagers to those portraying them, Kit Harington did go through some physical changes since he made his debut on the show.

Jon Snow Pilot

When he first appeared as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, Harington was 24, although he has the face that makes him look a lot younger.

Jon Snow Bastard

Five years later, and the signs of death and battles are on him. (Both Snow and Harington)

Harington Leslie

In real life, Harington has an on-off relationship with Rose Leslie, his co-star on Game of Thrones (for a while), portraying the wildling Ygritte.


Alfie Allen is 30 today, like Harington. He was 24 when the show began, portraying the smug and still flawless Theon Greyjoy.


After spending some time in Ramsay’s dungeon and then escaping Winterfell, this is the result. He’s looked worse.

Alfie & Iwan



Before she was Khaleesi, she was Daenerys Targaryen. Before Khal Drogo, before the dragons. Emilia Clarke who portrays Dany is 30 now, and was 24 when the show began.

Finally going to Westeros

Here she is, finally heading towards Westeros. Who knows if she’ll actually get there.


I kinda dig her non-blonde real life look.


We close with Sansa, Arya and Bran, in real life. Hopefully (Bran & Arya are my favorite characters in the books) their characters make it to the very end.