20 Hilariously Bad Game of Thrones Memes

Dad jokes are funny, even if they’re not supposed to be. The same can be said of intentionally bad memes, including these ones from Game of Thrones, jokes and puns: They make enough sense to make us laugh, even if they don’t follow the classic joke structure.

Most of the memes, some of them in gif form, refer to Season 6, and maybe a bit to things that happen in the A Song of Ice and Fire books. Obviously, if spoilers is something you’re worried about, maybe bookmark this post and get back to it once you’re done catching up. It’ll be worth your time.

Idiot Sandwich

Idiot Sandwich

Blowing S*** Up

Out of Children

Dothraki Math Joke

Dothraki math joke

Sam Loves Books

Ned Stark Back at Winterfell

Unsullied Humor

Unsullied Humor

Thinking About Family Complications

Incest Thoughts

The Honorable Ned Stark

Honorable Ned Stark


The Blackfish Doesn’t Care

Blackfish don't care

Hipster Night’s Watchman

Hipster Night's Watch

Everybody Loves Mormonts

People love the Mormonts

Lancel’s Last Thought

Lancel Remembers

Throwing away that salary

Wasting Money

Rickon didn’t have to die

Rickon didn't have to die

Margaery Jones

Margaery Jones

Never Knew Kit Was This Small

Small Kit

Jaime Missed the Party

True Northern Romance

True Northern Romance

Dorne Revenge Logic

Avenging Oberyn

Benjen Has Some Catching Up to Do

Benjen Has some catching up to do