Incredible ‘Elle’ Painting Every ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Needs

When something becomes a pop culture phenomenon, it grows way beyond the realms of its original medium. Stranger Things and Elle, or Eleven if you prefer, are a perfect example of something crossing over into all forms of arts, which leads to beautiful works like this wonderful painting.

The talented Barrett Biggers made a wonderful poster, with Elle as the star, her nose bleeding, the monster in her mind (which might hint towards a popular fan theory), and below, the contrast between our world and The Upside Down, with Mike, Dustin and Lucas riding on their bikes.

Elle Stranger Things Painting Poster

The poster comes in museum quality Giclèe ink print on archival EPSON professional metallic photo luster, exhibition watercolor or exhibition matte canvas media, with size options of 16″x20, 22″x28″ and 24″x36″.

Each print is hand designed by the artist and signed by him in the bottom right hand corner in the white border area.

According to the Amazon page it takes about 2 to 3 days to create, and currently costs $45, which is totally worth it for something this unique.

This is what it looks like compared to a person:

Elle Painting Size

And this is the Elle painting hanging on a wall, for a living room scale:

Elle Poster on the Wall

Personally, what I love about this work is how bigger than life Elle looks. Well, the more we find out about her in the show, she does seem almost like an all-powerful deity. Whether or not the monster from The Upside Down is really just a part of her, which is why the two disappear together, or some other thing, it doesn’t matter. As grande and beautiful as Elle is, she’s also quite scary, especially when she’s pissed off.

For more of Barrett Biggers works, check out his Amazon profile page.

If you’re into more Stranger Things stuff, be it Elle or anything else, finding what you need is only one click away.