Winter Is Coming: Game of Thrones Inspired Snowflakes

Nothing says winter as… well, winter itself. In preparation for the holiday season, here’s some Game of Thrones inspired snowflakes to decorate your place.

Game of Thrones Snowflakes 1

No matter what house you favor, there’s something in here for you … unless you like Arryn or Martell. Maybe next year! These creations come from Krystal Higgins, who is a genius when it comes to geeky creativity. The best part? Just following the link to her website, you can print the templates for yourself and decorate your house with the motifs of your favorite House… or all of them. We know that is what we’re gonna do.

You might also go the more sci-fi way and check out DIY: The Awesome Star Wars Snowflakes instead. We’ll be here when winter passes.