How a Gamer Commutes to Work, Freddie Wong-Style

Freddie Wong’s latest special effects-laden short film shows us the morning routine of the gamer, filled with plenty of nods to various video games.

The majority of the references are from the Grand Theft Auto games, but can also be glimpsed in a wide variety of modern games. Going to sleep is viewed as saving one’s game, and waking up allows you to start anew and refreshed. A tired stroll to the closet brings up a Style Editor menu, where you can choose your outfit for the day. With some slick effects, we see Freddie’s shirt cycling through different options, much like in GTA or in other games such as The Sims. Walking past the display of guns and ammo near his door, Freddie acts like a magnet as the guns fly toward him to be stored in his inventory. This is a nod to many different games in which walking over or near weapons and ammo will cause you to automatically pick them up. Handy, that.

After a brief loading screen, Freddie arrives outside to find his car flipped over. No matter, all it takes is a good smack with the butt of his rifle to flip it back over. Stuck in traffic? Use some Grand Theft Auto skills and drive on the sidewalk instead; the cops won’t bust you for it, after all, unless you hit somebody. After riding his car and firing his gun madly into the air, Freddie spots a sweeter ride across the street. Crossing the freeway utilizes some of his old-school Frogger skills to prevent being turned into roadkill, and he’s soon the new “owner” of a hot-wired car. After bursting into the door to his workplace with an action somersault, it’s finally time to sit at his cubicle and get some work done. Or, well, not. This is a gamer’s life, after all, so he opts to waste the day in Minesweeper instead.

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