Razer Project Fiona: A Concept Gaming Tablet

It seems that in the tablet market, there’s the iPad and then there’s everything else. Anyone wanting to make a tablet has to have a compelling alternative. Razer introduced the Project Fiona, a tablet designed for games.

The concept tablet that debuted last week at CES looks like a lot of other tablets but with the addition of two analog sticks with buttons on the sides. Fiona is capable of running “Assassin’s Creed Revelations” and other demanding games, as seen in the demo video. The Windows-based tablets also accepts standard keyboards and mice for serious gamers.

Razer Project Fiona concept tablet

Although the concept looks intriguing, it will have to be polished before Razer brings it to market. For starters, the design seems bulky, especially with the handles. And who’s going to take their full-size gaming mice and keyboards on the plane with them? The appeal of the iPad is that the games work just with touch. Perhaps Razer could work with game companies to make special versions of PC games designed with touch screens in mind.

On the other hand, some people like the feel of real buttons instead of touch screens. They still make cell phones with real keypads even though touchscreen phones are available. I can sympathize with that viewpoint, since I’m a tactile person who like the feel of real keyboards. You would too if you ever experience a Model M.

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