iPad 3 Rumors Point To More Of The Same

When the iPhone 4S was first announced, everyone’s reaction was the same.  “But it doesn’t look any different, and I’m going to throw a tantrum if they don’t announce the iPhone 5.”  Then, surprisingly, incredible numbers of people went out and bought themselves an iPhone 4S to placate their wishes to own an iPhone 5, making the executives of Apple very, very happy.  Now, rumors of the iPad 3, which is said to be launching March of this year, are saying that we are to expect more of the same from Apple’s new tablet.

ipad 3 rumors

The guys over at iLounge, who claim that they have seen the iPad 3 at CES early, are delivering pretty disappointing news.  The bad news: the iPad 3 that they have supposedly seen is 1mm larger in thickness, and has no other physical differences save a bigger camera.  The good news: There’s probably an A6 processor in it, and it has a higher resolution screen.  Does this whole package of “selling you the same thing just a little bit improved” sound familiar?  Perhaps, though, this is a good thing.  With the (undoubtedly) expensive iPad 3 on the shelves, the iPad 2’s price will drop.  Then, everybody who is financially frugal can buy an iPad 2 and be just as cool as all of the people who just spent hundreds of dollars on an iPad 3.  Money-savers, this could be your chance.

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Jack Kieffer owns Cool Gizmo Toys, a site that likes to rant about geeky products.