Pool Over and Have Some Fun!

If you ever wanted to play pool while on the road, then you are going to love this truck, as it has a full size pool table in the back.

The modified car from the above picture is the work of Big Daddy Vini (Vini Bergeman) or The Kustomizer as he is also known, in cooperation with Triangle Billiards, Inc. The host of The Kustomizer Series on Discovery Channel probably needed to make sure that people remain good at playing pool, even when on vacation.

The Pool Table Car is based on a Chevrolet Monte Carlo from the ’90s. According to The Kustomizer, in it’s current form, the car is still able to reach 100 mph. The modifications do not resume only to the pool table. The car even has a removable top, which makes it perfect for summer days and nights. Moreover, a pop-up LCD TV and a fridge have also been included, for the ones who intend to spend a bit longer time on the road trip. A high-end sound system is meant to keep the party going, while the built-in pool table leveling system will assure the best playing conditions. The exterior of the car was not neglected, either. The high profile custom paint will certainly draw a lot of attention, and so will the custom 22″-24″ tires and rims. The Pool Table Car is going to be seen at locations and events from all around the world, such as:

  • Car museums
  • Car shows
  • Corporate events
  • Parties
  • Trade shows

Fortunately, the pool table  can be detached from the front of the car, thus making the entire surface playable. It would not be impossible to play with the table attached to the car, but players could only sit near the three exposed sides of the table. I doubt anyone could actually pocket any balls from the driver’s seat. Speaking of which, there should be some warning signs, telling people not to play pool while actually driving or even better, to only use the pool table only when the engine is stopped.

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