Green Day is Now Moonlighting in Angry Birds

Angry Birds Friends is looking to up their cool factor by including a popular punk rock band in its cast of interesting characters! And let’s just say that the green color is…well, fitting!

If you are not really feeling the new, girly Pink Bird, that is okay. It is kind of girly. I’m a girl though, so I like it. But I also like Green Day. And looking to bring in a bit more “man-cred” to the ever-so popular game (come on, you know you take Angry Bird game breaks like the rest of the human population), the makers of Angry Birds are featuring new Angry Birds Friends, including Green Day, the popular punk rock band.

If you are not an addicted Facebook user (again, like the rest of the human population), Angry Birds Friends is the free Facebook version of the game. There are ten levels where you may encounter the members of the band…looking exceptionally green I might add.

And while your playing, the game will feature some of the band’s hits, including “Troublemaker” and “Oh Love.” And don’t worry if you like them, because the Green Day pigs will be back in future episodes this fall!

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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