Gaudy Mercedes SLR Mod Costs $11 Million

If you were wondering which could be the gaudiest car in the world, it is not Lexus or any other expensive car.

It is a gold-plated, ruby-encrusted Mercedes SLR mod which was conceived by Swiss club owner and Thai-food impresario Ueli Anlicker. The gold-plated bling vehicle costs $11 million and is called the ‘Red Gold dream SLR’. The car is lathered with 14 carat gold and has almost 500 rubies studded in different places to make it shine like a tacky devil. Anlicker assures that the car is not all about bling, and also packs in suitable performance and has been tuned to produce 700 hp. He reiterates that before the car is sold, one could expect that the car would be upgraded to pack in 1000 hp.

The bling devil comes with a GPS tracker, a remote-disable function and several sensors for different purposes. Back in 2009, it was estimated to cost $4.3 million but now Anlicker claims that he expects at least $11 million. Apparently, several Chinese and Middle Eastern rich folks have expressed interest in the car. It is funny how certain people seem to like anything that shines, and if that shine is because of the yellow metal, it just makes their tongues hang low.

As tacky and gaudy the car may be, I suspect the ones who would buy a car like this would be tackier themselves. The car looks pretty annoying and it almost hurts your eyes with all that gold and precious stones stuck in various places.

If you were to ask me, I would just go ahead and get an ol’ Mustang that’s done several thousand miles and has all the dust accumulated over the years. Of course, that is just me, and that wouldn’t impress a lot of people anyway. If you were tired of reading about all the bling, take a look at the 26 Geeky Car Mods we had listed sometime back. If you like your car smarter and cooler, you gotta take a look at these 21 Awesome Car Designs.