Skyrim Dragonhorn Helmet Made From Bacon

An editor over at Reddit recently made a Skyrim Dragonborn helmet made almost entirely out of bacon. He calls it the the Baconborn.

dragon born helmet skyrim bacon

Talk about combining two great passions of the human species: nerdiness and bacon. According to our source, one Reddit editor (a Redditor!) who happened to be a very big fan of Skyrim, came up with a way to combine these two great things into a very meaty helmet.

Behold: the Baconborn helmet! Made entirely out of bacon strips cast over an aluminum foil mould and then cooked nice and crispy with what looks like either like a glue gun or small heater. Oh and, many, many, many packages of fresh bacon.

skyrim bacon helmet mould

There’s something quite ferocious about this helmet. While charging into battle wearing it might not have the same impact as a helmet made from the horn’s of a dragon, covering your face with bacon is still a powerful statement. Bold and barbaric fit the bill pretty well, don’t you think?

skyrim bacon helmet

Anyways, from the look of things, it probably isn’t all that tough to make one of these. All you need is some rudimentary bacon crafting skills, and some time on your hands, and quite possibly not be a vegetarian.

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