Geeky Birdhouses for Star Wars and Mario Fans

I’ve never figured birds as pets, but I guess I’m on the minority opinion on this one. Like all pets who belong to geeky owners, they won’t be living in any ordinary cage or bird house, no. They’ll be making their wooden home inside birdhouses made to resemble those droids we’ve come to love, R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Yes, Star Wars has invaded every possible part of people’s lifestyles. Not just people dressing up as Jedi masters at various comic book conventions. Coffee Makers or people who see Darth Vader in everything. I think there’s even a beetle named for the antagonist-protagonist.

But as always, I digress. We’re here for birds. Well, actually for the owners, because I don’t think your pet bird really gives a crap about living inside a regular bird house or one that’s colored in gold or blue and white. It’s all about the owners’ guilty little pleasures.

If Star Wars isn’t exactly your thing, then the person making these homes-for-birds has another geeky kind of option for you. Yes, for those people who can’t get enough of their Nintendo heroes on screen and need their faces and mustaches with them off of it as well, there are the Mario and Luigi birdhouses. So cool you’ll want to live inside them yourself.

If you’re a normal person, and don’t consider birds as pets, first of all good for you. Dogs is the way to go. And if you’re looking for ideas on how to shack up your dog or cat (evil, evil) in a creative and expensive way, these might be the thing for you.

Via Technabob & Nerdapproved